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South Wales Estates’ Top Tips for Selling Your Home…

First impressions really do count! You will want to create the best possible impression when a potential buyer comes to view your home…

"Those who present their home to the best of its abilities are significantly more likely to sell it faster and with a higher number of offers."

A cluttered home looks smaller and less airy. You want to create a space that potential buyers can ultimately visualise as their own, so clear away keepsakes, knick-knacks and art collections that might be a distraction.


This is the first part of the house to be seen, so needs just as much attention if not more than the rest of the house. The garden can be a delightful place to be all year round, so it is definitely worth getting it organised, as colourful flowers and trimmed hedges can create a feeling of greater space.
  • Ensure that the garden is tidy.
  • The lawn should be free of leaves.
  • Sweep the paths, pull out the weeds, and check for loose paving.
  • Clean the garden furniture.
  • Hanging baskets, planted tubs and window boxes make a house look cheerful and create a fresh smell.
  • Put the bin out of sight and make sure that it does not smell!

The living, dining and bedrooms

  • Open the windows in summer.
  • In winter ensure the house is warm.
  • Potted plants or fresh flowers brighten up the room, but make sure their smell is not overpowering.
  • The smell of furniture polish gives the impression the home is well cared for.
  • Leave a light on - this can create a relaxed atmosphere and brightens the room.
  • Presenting the dining room looking ready for the next dinner party can create a positive lifestyle impression and can be key to attracting the greatest number of potential purchasers.
  • Make sure the beds are made and clothes put away into wardrobes!

The kitchen

  • Work tops benefit greatly from under-unit lighting - so if you have them, turn them on.
  • Make sure the surfaces are clean and clutter free.
  • Look in the cupboards - are they packed well? You don't want all your tins to fall out if they are opened!
  • As with every room - a good smell sells! The aroma of fresh coffee or baking bread gives your kitchen a wonderful homely atmosphere.

The bathroom

Bathrooms should be white, clean and uncluttered, with tiling around the showers and sinks.

  • You should always use a glass shower screen or a crisp white shower curtain.
  • Surfaces should be kept devoid of any clutter – matching storage jars are a great way to present shampoo and conditioner for example, rather than leaving them loosely scattered around a bath or shower area.
  • Freshly washed, sweet smelling towels should be hung neatly on the rails or over the bath.
  • A new bar of soap looks better than one which is melting away.
  • A sparkling bath, hand basin and toilet create the right impression.
  • If the bathroom is tiled, ensure the tiles and the grout are clean.
  • Be prepared for prospective buyers to open your bathroom cabinet. Remember to remove any items you don't want them to see!
  • Ensure you know how the heating and hot water systems work so you can answer any questions.

If you decide to decorate….

  • Give the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint. If you wish to sell or let your home quickly, it is still advisable to opt for neutral colours to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.
  • Cool white interiors help to reflect shafts of natural sunlight, creating a sanctuary of clarity and simplicity.
  • Neutral does not have to be dull – using different fabrics and textures can create warmth and reflect light. Clean lines will also help to create an effortless and coherent use of space and will help to make a room feel more expansive.
  • Neutral flooring is recommended, however, light colour carpets in particular are not recommended as they pick up dirt very easily. If you do opt for a neutral carpet, liven it up with coloured flecks to mask any dirt.
  • Colour is not completely taboo – a 'feature wall' can brighten up a simply dressed room by contrasting one single colour wall with the rest of the room in a complimentary way.
  • Fresh, bright flowers or cheerful prints or photographs are also easy ways to add a splash of colour.
Finally, work out the best time of day to allow viewings, such as when is there less school traffic for example, and when the sun is shining and making the house look brighter.