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To help your move go a smoothly as possible, South Wales Estates has prepared a ‘helpful hints’ section to assist you…

Top Tips on Moving Home

PLANNING & PREPARATION!... are the secrets of a successful home move, and there’s no time like the present!

Four to six weeks before you move home...

  • Arrange quotes from several removal firms and weigh up the cost of those against hiring a van yourself.
  • Some removal firms provide extras such as insurance and packing - be sure to ask if you require these.
  • If you use a removal firm, check your contract so you know what to do if any of your goods get damaged in the move, and also check your household insurance.
  • Make a thorough inventory of everything to be moved and give a copy to the removal firm.
  • Try to avoid peak times to move if possible, e.g. Bank Holidays, end of school terms and Fridays.
  • List the utility companies you will need to notify and keep the contact details to hand.
  • Arrange for your final telephone bill, and your connection at your new home.
  • Arrange to have your mail redirected by notifying the post office, this service does incur a charge.
  • Start to pack any items that will not be needed before the move.
  • Recycle or give to charity any unwanted items.
  • Take some photographs as keepsakes… its nice to look back in years to come.

One week before the move...

  • Cancel deliveries such as papers and milk.
  • In the last few days - defrost the freezer.
  • Arrange final readings of water/gas/electricity (At least 72 hours notice).
  • Send out "We are moving" cards to friends and relatives.
  • Plan where the furniture is going to go in your new home.
  • Label all the boxes with their contents and which room they are to go into.

One day before the move...

Pack essential items into a SURVIVAL KIT to keep with you.

Survival Kit Contents:

  • Kettle, mugs, coffee/tea, milk and bread
  • Plates and cutlery
  • Toiletries and toilet rolls
  • Essential medicines
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Cleaning items
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Important documents
  • Keys to your new home!

Day of the move...

  • Turn off all remaining appliances.
  • Take a final reading of all the meters (gas, electricity, water).
  • If you have children keep their favourite toy close to hand.
  • Finally, take a last look around the house to make sure you have locked all the doors and windows, and left nothing behind...

Once you have moved in

  • Unpack your all-important SURVIVAL KIT and other essential items
  • Place the boxes in relevant rooms
  • Make sure the telephone and utilities are connected
  • Start cleaning
  • Make the beds
  • Put up curtains and blinds
  • Find the nearest take-away!